Virtual Reality (VR) System

This VR system consists of two NEC projectors, motion tracking camera, wireless transceiver antenna, projector host, motion recognition analysis host, and 3D glasses and operation handles with position tracker. The Python language can beused in the Vizard software to build 3D dynamic views and operator interactions, giving operators an immersive experience.

Oculus rift cv1 virtual reality glasses


1. RIFT's integrated 360-degree surround sound enhances the VR immersion experience.

2. Sensors designed for VR. Our sensor tracking LED infrared spot is converted in VR, and its stand is suitable for most settings, designed to track your sitting posture.

Motion Capture System

The Perception Neuron is the lightest, most flexible and cost-effectivehigh-performance motion capture system of the world . At the same time, Perception Neuron is by far the most user-removed motion capture system in the world, with tens of thousands of developers and artists using Perception Neuronfor their creations. The power of this system is not only because of its ultra-small Neuron sensor, but also because of the deep understanding of data fusion, human dynamics andphysical laws by the Neuron R&D team, allowing smooth, natural, low-latency human movements. Capturing is possible.

Projet HD3500 Plus 3D printer

The Projet HD3500 Plus 3D printer is capable of printing accurate, durable plasticparts and is ideal for activities such as functional testing, design communication, rapid manufacturing, and rapid tooling. It also prints high-quality, durable plastic parts for engineering and mechanical design applications, including functional testing, configuration and assembly verification, rapid proto typing, design communication, and rapid tooling. This office-ready 3D printer delivers exceptional parts on demand.

Light Industrial Equipment

Research on the key and common technologies of light industrial equipment, such as mechanical innovation adaptable design, robustness design technology, automatic detection and analysis, high speed and high precision intelligent control and embedded intelligent integration technology and its applications.